Bliss, Bless, Myth, Miracle, Miracles, Purevsuren Puujee, Uxhma, laotian Nakphaasaa, Heroine, Heroines, African, Asian, Afro-Asian, Statues, Sculpture, Art, Artistic, Good, Flow, Soul, Spirit, Woman,
Women, Girl, Girls, Tahtlaý Heƙe, Eternal, Eternity, Game, Bet, Play, Music, Culture, Traditional, Tradition, Platform Heels, Painting, Fashion, Design, Spirituality, Religion, Bahari Wakati, Futuristic,
N Bayarmaa, Luotlir, Yuyamnmya, Drum N' Bass, Trip Hop, Chillout, Samba, Marimba, Gajda, Kapuka, Zouk, Gasy, 2014, Shambhala, Afro-Chinese, Machine, Apparel, Treasure, Paradise.

These projections portray styles & creations totally made as concepts. They, so, are leaked
from Bahari Wakati according to new overwhelming performance of every Mmeamka trained
& adapted by the Creator of Weilaijingcha Rejeo.

These arts are meant to be perceived solely as Fan Art & Fiction. Models include:
Fnemnmya Heƙe ཐངམ ཨེཁ , Purevsuren Puujee Д. Пүрэвсүрэнгийн and Kay Lee 이 - 리
as model characters, and many others.


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