Siye Heƙe. Creator Of the MMEAMKAS Project.


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Siye Heƙe - Manonofy Hevitra  ]

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Paranormal Essentials
Album | Compilation Of Singles

Siye Heƙe - Probability #58997 / Sendrasendra #58997


Environment & terrain alters, time warps, spiritual empty grounds, levitation, all happen.

Siye Heƙe - Etymology / Mihevitra


Theme about ancient cultures, astrology and symbology.

Siye Heƙe - Etymology (Reprise) / Mihevitra (Maranorano)


Theme about ancient cultures, astrology and proverbs.

Siye Heƙe - Pseudonym Approach / Marena Tokantrano


The personification of interior body parts (cells, muscle tissue, proteins, blood
elements and many others) as they interact in satiric ways.

Siye Heƙe - Common Sense / Fahazarana


Song of uncommon usual social events, portrayed in a funny way.

Siye Heƙe - Linear Momentum / Hatua & Hatima


Another song from the Paranormal Essentials compilation album.
The Creator of Tammyā meets Creator of Mmeamkas type of song.

Siye Heƙe - Linear Momentum (After-Hours Remix) / H. & H. Ranorano

- Version 1 - Version 2

A reasonable amount of heavy flow with a solo consisting of an unforgettable
and memorable instrument.

Siye Heƙe - Indoctrination / Vintana Fady


A Paranormal Essentials prodigy, with a very resonant attempt to, for the first
time, really immerse the sound into an ambient alike atmosphere.

Siye Heƙe - Intuition / Matokeo Haraka


It doesn't get any deeper than this. An enforced enclosure of absolutely controlled
and contained tremendous panic, expressed in one song.

Siye Heƙe - Supernatural Introspection / Eritreritra


Depicting the nature of habitual immersion into feelings as forms of visions and
emulated abstract reality while the body is at rest. This is not about psychoanalysis.

Siye Heƙe - Absolutism / Fitsipi Pitondrantena Drako


A pinnacle of ethics and ideology made of a critical combination of the two
elements, on a biased simplified theme.

Siye Heƙe - Multiverse Borders / Nafsi Ya Dunia

- Version 1 - Version 2 - Version 3

The limitations of the spiritual world and boundaries of the cosmos are here
expressed in this second ambient dub approach.

Paranormal Esoterics
Album | Compilation Of Singles

Siye Heƙe - Automotive
Thought / Dhani Ajili


Aleatory imagery in the brain contrary to controllable will, within the range of so called "bad thoughts", also known as intrusive thoughts.

Siye Heƙe - Essence
Proximity / Lohavy Eritreretina


Song expressing a rare phenomena
of adhesion of virtual sensations in angulation of lightning, places or limited composition to memory or experience.

Siye Heƙe - Essence
(Odor Remix)


Song expressing a rare phenomena of adhesion of virtual sensations in smell to memory or experience.

Siye Heƙe - Extrasensory Subconsciousness / Eretseretse Matory


Event which occurs during half-sleep state. Rare / inexistent to some. The rationality degrees shift, consequentially the dimension of awareness alters.

Siye Heƙe - Auditory
Illusion / Gedrogedro


About sound not just in background of songs; Echoing through mind & totally strange songs appearing in sleep while waking up or slightly falling asleep.

Siye Heƙe - Awareness
Of Emotive Depth /
Fanahy Mihalohalo


Artistry regarding the notion of variations in mood and their meaning whether unorthodox or throughout extremely subtle variance.

Siye Heƙe - O.O.B.E. Experience / Lingasharira


Music about the capacity to adapt the body to emulate real-life senses such as touch, linear momentum, remote viewing, thermoreception, etc.

Siye Heƙe - Pseudo
Science / Ilmu Semu


The prospect and perspective of the glorious array of timeless and immortal pseudosciences.

Siye Heƙe - Ideasthesia
& Synesthesia / Manonofy Hevitra


A formidable range of sensations and perceptional basis characteristic of the advanced level of the Paranormal Esoterics.

Siye Heƙe - Criterion
Of Truth / Hakiki


Elucidative theme concerning the facets of
reductionism, determinism, intelligent design,
thought experiments & the multiverse all in one.

Secret & Rare Special Themes

Siye Heƙe - Wali Pendet ( Team Remix) / 夏小寒东方舞


One of the most vital songs gets a thematic re-make inspired in X. Xia Han's
group of versatile bellydancing. Transcendental as revolutionary in flexible sound.

Siye Heƙe - Wali Pendet ( Team Snippet) / 夏小寒东方舞 二


The X. Xia Han's group inspired re-make is simplified unto a type of loop, while
maintaining the same advanced variety of sounds technique.

Siye Heƙe vs. Ladyboy Qim - Kathoey / กะเทย


An exceptional production of a song, similar to a cross of deep house and disco
with a very spontaneous drum pattern of a worthwhile rhythm.

Siye Heƙe - Tayr Ulufa'alu


A way to envision a classical and simply straight-forward essence of the
lounge type of sound as a regular track.

INFO: Downloadable Siye Heƙe music created 100% by himself, without loops. Some are free to listen, record, store, re-distribute or re-host, which have links.

The Projects' Themes, ever since they were made, with relentless enthusiasm. There's nothing similar to hearing Bahari Wakati 7400's spiritually thematic song, or the then vibrant native-indian shamanistic like rhythm of the Flying Lovers. This link allows acquiring a special .ZIP package with all the 7 classic themes of all projects.

All the digital futuristic photo design edits
are made by Siye Heƙe. Models are used
for demonstration only.

Locations depicted as the scenery:

Thailand: Bangkok's Chaophraya River Yodpiman
As BW7400's Exo-Nubia With Re-Designed Singapore's
Bridge Parts
???: Southern African Streets With Random
Chinese Factory Re-Designed As BW7400's
Raw Afro-Berber-Arab Region
Namibia: Main Capital City
Namibia: Main Capital City Plaza
Thailand: Ayutthaya's Luang Pu Thuat Buddha Park
Brazil: Downtown São Paulo
Thailand: Koh Tao Sairee Beach Of Naroua Villas

All the ambient/environment photography
was photographed by Siye Heƙe himself.

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