The multiple levers are an implementation of Siye Heƙe
which recquire CAUTION while activating and deactivating
a function. The levers must be repositioned to the default
instance before switching to another feature to avoid
levers jamming.

The tafuta search is a feature of Siye Heƙe by forcing
the AIML code to run javascript. It is necessary to reload
the analog simulation interface for any further action.

Anistha Gurung XqpX 988 can be automated to do server
check-ups of certain Bahari Wakati 7400 art related sites.

The raw code for the scientifical calculator without
webdesign has as source JS Made Easy (

The raw code for the speedwatch without css design
has as source Brothercake Java (

Chaturanga's actions window graphic, textures of the
options, including all the pieces used except the tower,
and the webdesign of the options, were all developed by
the creator of the android. The main code has as source (, with authorship of the code
attributed to Douglas Bagnall & Oliver Merkel.

The tasker is a feature programmed by Siye Heƙe
from extensive Java language research and study.

The encrypted memo is a feature created by Siye Heƙe
from vast Java language learning and research.

All walls and window photos present within the context of the android,
alongside the ground, function's backgrounds and lever textures
are all photography originally made by Siye Heƙe.

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